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Cumin pork fillets
with onion (Medium spicy)
Simplified Red-Cooked PorkBelly
Braised pork belly with potatos. If you are a huge fan of pork belly. You loved it! Especially the fatty part.

Sauerkraut Fish Fillets
Fresh fish fillets cooked with pickled cabbages, bean sprouts and leture served in soup.

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Braised Prawns
8 black tiger prawns cooked in Traditional Chinese prawns recipes. Tips:It is recommended to suck and lick the shell first, then eat meat, and finally soak rice in soup.
Pineapple Sweet and Sour STIR-FRY with Mixed Vegetables

Pork rib with garlic

Spicy Beef Brisket
Spicy braised beef brisket with carrots and potatos. The beef is tender and juicy, full of flavor, One bite of this spicy beef is going to send you over the moon
Squid and Celery Stir Fry
Celery and squid is a great combination. The tender squid and
crispy celery make a very nice texture contrast.
YuXiang Pork
A signature dish of Sichuan cuisine, shredded pork, asparagus, Fungus with garlic sauce delivers an addictive taste: tangy, spicy, sweet & sour..
Kung Pao Chicken
This is a classic Sichuan dish. It is a spicy, stir-fried chicken,
PEANUTS with vegetables
Snow Bean with pork minces

Honey Soy Pork Ribs
Basted with a honey sweet sauce, these ribs are definitely
finger-licking good!

Vegetarian Options

Our food does not contain any artificial flavours & colours.

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